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Big Yellow Dog Has Eyes For Me
Most days when my wife doesn't come home on her lunch break, it's up to me to let her big yellow dog out to do his business before I head off to work second shift. I pop open the door to his crate and we traverse through the house to the back door...
5 Spots Around Evansville a Rock Dad Can Take His Kids
Kids are crazy. Sometimes too much crazy for parents to handle. Sometimes you just need to get them out of the house and out on the town to keep them occupied, amused and entertained. Red and I recently took our kids out to five local places that would entertain them and keep us sane.
Brandon K's Favorite Frontmen: First Edition
My name is Brandon K (you know this), and I love metal in all forms (you know this too), and many of you have read my posts about the brutal bands I love (and many of you don't). And I give NUN F*CKS.
So I've featured many of my favorite bands in those blogs, but I haven't talked as mu…

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