We've burned through most of January 2016 at a blistering pace and I'm wondering, how are the New Year's resolutions holding up for everyone?

Maybe you decided to give up sweets, or sodas, or go to church or slack off the internet porn, or maybe you were like me and decided to shred the chunk off your body and get back in shape.

When I began the new year on January 1st, My fat ass weighed in at 215 pounds. Thoroughly disgusted with the heaviest weight I'd ever been, and the fact I looked like I was in my second trimester of pregnancy, I resolved to get my shit together, drop the gut and get back in shape.

As the close of January fast approaches, I'd love to say I've been whole heartedly dedicated to my fitness and working out like a machine day in and day out. That shit totally did not come to fruition as I'd planned. But I have worked out, I have watched my diet much better and I have cut out sodas all together. While I may not lift or exercise daily, I've done as much as I can, so I'll call that a slightly less than moderate success. How does all this translate thus far? I've lost 15 pounds and my gut has shrunk noticeably.


As you can see, my belly, while not ripped or flat, is finally deflating, much to my delight. You can also see a Shop Vac, which I tried to crop out of the picture but the edit did not want to cooperate and save. So, you get the damn Shop Vac too. Don't judge my crappy picture (my 8 year-old took it), or my crappy posture...I know, I know.

This is how I got to the point where I'm at now. Exercise, weights, and nutrition.


As you can see I have a fair amount of equipment to work out with at home. This is my starting point. I also have a gym membership I will begin to use more frequently once it is not longer freezing balls cold outside. And what the hell is that orange stuff in the mason jar you may wonder? That's JUICE. I take fruit and juice that shit to make my own concoctions. My wife, Red, handles all the green juicing.

I also utilize my Carnivore protein and MusclePharm creatine after my workouts so I can one day look like Bloodsport era Jean-Claude:

Cannon International


Look at that beast-mode shit! I don't care if he was a sub-par martial artist as I've been told, he was super jacked and gave CHONG LI! CHONG LI! CHONG LI! the business!

I've had this poster probably 25 years or so, and it adorns the wall in my workout room as a visual goal. Will I ever look like that? Hell no. But if I can achieve the slightest bit of that, then I'm calling it a success.

Here's hoping everyone that made a resolution is sticking with it! Succeeding? Failing? Hate Jean-Claude? Wish CHONG LI! would've won the Kumite? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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