.....of books and magazines? YES.

Guess what guys and gals? Reading is cool. It's like a legal trip for your mind, where you can use that cool concept called imagination. Some people might be like, pffff, I haven't read a book since high school....well, you sir or madam, are an idiot. Why would you not read? You have the ability to feed your brain, to envelop yourself in a story or learn new ideas and information and you thwart it. Moronic. There are some people out there that can't read at all! It's not a given, it's a privilege, just like driving, freedom or having food to eat. If you have the ability and the means, then why not enjoy it to the fullest?

I love to read almost as much as love listening to extreme metal music, scolding my cats and waking up and breathing every day. With a full-time job, a freelance job, a family and everything that comes along with it, I don't have as much time to read as I did when I was single and carried less responsibilities. Even still I'm hardly ever without a book or magazine, in which I indulge if I get a free chunk of time.

I was discussing with a friend whether or not I was a hoarder of magazines the other day, and I was justifying why I keep them versus why they should just be tossed out. Granted, magazines are not as exhilarating or deemed as valuable as books, but they still contain excellent information, stories and ideas. And I pay good flipping money for them. So I counted how many magazines currently reside in the branch library of Brandon K, and I have exactly 303 at the moment. Is that a lot? Does that make me a magazine hoarder? NO! They aren't strewn about in piles that I must crawl over with cat skeletons of yesteryear buried beneath and long forgotten, they are organized to the T and shelved neatly, by title, month and year. And yes, that number will soon increase.

Currently I subscribe to three publications: Rolling Stone, Men's Health and Muscle & Fitness. I've let go of my subscriptions to Men's Fitness and Psychology Today. Progress, right? But thanks to the plethora of used books online, I'm constantly feeding my craving for words on the physical pages of wonder, amusement and education. Some books are less than a damn dollar! It's like crank for a bibliophile.


I don't have an exact count on the number of books I own, as they are spread about a few locations, not just in my personal library of awesomeness, but the number is quite high. And I learned a hard lesson when I lent a book out, Dry, by Augusten Burroughs, because I never got it back. The chick that borrowed it is still racking up late fees, going on a dozen years now. That hussy owes me one pristine book AND interest.


Books and magazines are not just for nerds, they're for everyone and they should be a part of everyones lives. Blind? There's Braille. Illiterate? There are teachers and tutors. Poor? There are public libraries. Dead? Well, you're f*cked.


I'm not a nerd (or maybe I am), and I love books and magazines. I also like nerds and most other non-douchey people, even as an introvert. So if you haven't read something lately, pick up a title and devour it.

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