Now that a new school year is starting up, students all over town will be getting all kinds of new books and school supplies. Why should they get to have all the fun? What about the rest of us, what if we want to freshen up our supply of reading materials? Lucky for us, the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (EVPL) Foundation is hosting its annual Summer Book Sale this weekend at Washington Square Mall.

Way More Than Just Books

Don't let the name fool you, the Summer Book Sale offers a bunch of other goodies  - literally, thousands of items, including books, audiobooks, movies, CDs, and DVDs will be on sale. And with these items going anywhere from $.50 - $2, you will be able to load up without breaking the bank.

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Shopping for a Good Cause

The annual Summer Book Sale is more than just an opportunity to shop for all of the things I just mentioned. The sale serves as a primary fundraiser for the EVPL Foundation.  The money raised at this sale, and others like it throughout the year, are used to support youth programs and services, the community lecture series, emerging technologies, collections, staff engagement, and special library projects and initiatives.

Summer Book Sale Details

The 2-day sale will be held at Washington Square Mall on Saturday, August 6, from  10 am-8 pm, and on Sunday, August 7, from 12 pm-3 pm. There is no cost to come and look around, but you are encouraged to bring your own bag or box for anything you buy. And new this year, credit card payments will be accepted.

Then & Now - Evansville's Washington Square Mall Through the Years

Evansville is home to a lot of unique buildings including the first enclosed retail shopping center in Indiana. Yes, our very own Washington Square Mall was the place to be when it opened in 1963. If you walk through the mall today, you would never guess how alive the shops were, even through the 1980s. Enjoy this walk down memory lane I've put together, and maybe someday there will be new life inside 5011 Washington Ave.

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