brandon k

PG 2.0 - The Return of Red
I managed to get Red out of the house and to my favorite spot, PG, again. The first and only other time she went, some crazy chick drug her over over a speaker and nearly put her on the DL with a torn ACL.
Bathroom 101 With Brandon K
You know what's gross and cool? Putrid Offal's new album, Mature Necropsy (brutal band alert). You know's what's gross and NOT COOL? Improper bathroom etiquette.
Hold on to Your Hats Men of America: Playboy is Going Non-Nude
Holy shit! The fossilized magazine helmed by the oldest geezer (see: corpse that reeks of stale cat urine and utter expiration) with an erection, Hugh Hefner is finally coming to the realization that no one really cares about Playboy the magazine anymore, and the airbrushed, vaguely nude women …

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