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Brutal Bands by Brandon K: Second Installment
In the first installment of brutal bands by Brandon K, I mentioned my favorite band, The Acacia Strain, fronted by the brilliant and only remaining original member, the heart and soul of the band, Vincent Bennett. They're my favorite metal band...not sure if I made that clear. THE ACACIA STRAIN...MY…
Local Man's (Not So) Secret Addiction
It's not porn, you perverts. Or drugs, or anything so peculiar or strange it could be featured with those weirdos on TLC that eat mattress pads, drink their own pee or give themselves coffee enemas.
Why Men Don't Get Pussy--Cats [Poopchute Paradise]
It started like this: I'm sleeping peacefully and still in my bed, dreaming of something I can't quite remember. But this foul smell perverts my dream...why? God, the smell is awful. Why in the hell is this nasal assault in my dream? Suddenly I jar...and the real nightmare begins.
Brandon Kaelin beats Maribeth Monroe at Words With Friends.
This is a total fanboy post. Anyone that's ever seen the show Workaholics on Comedy Central knows who Maribeth Monroe's character Alice Murphy is...THE BOSS. She once told her hilariously dazed employee Blake Henderson "I'm going to eat your balls for breakfast tomorrow.…
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I like a variety of music. I go from alternative to Witch House. But I especially love brutal metal music. The kind of punishing, growling music that grinds and chugs with riffs and blast beats and angry vocals that kick in your rib cage like Jean-Claude Van Damme did to all those Kumite clowns in B…
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Hello GBF! My name is Brandon and I'm new here. I've been plucked from online obscurity to entertain you without cursing profusely and keeping the boobs and butts conversation to a minimum.