In the first installment of brutal bands by Brandon K, I mentioned my favorite band, The Acacia Strain, fronted by the brilliant and only remaining original member, the heart and soul of the band, Vincent Bennett. They're my favorite metal band...not sure if I made that clear. THE ACACIA STRAIN...MY FAVORITE. I also featured bands called The Last 10 Seconds of Life and I Declare War. All brutal, devastating bands with some dope ass songs.

For the second installment, I'll give you three more brutal bands that I think are totally f-ing cool. I wanted so bad (okay not that bad) to include Atreyu in this list, but they are neither brutal, nor metal. And in all seriousness, they really aren't even that good of a rock band. They have a couple awesome tracks like "Your Private War," and "Bleeding Mascara." I even forced myself to buy "Moments Before Dawn" off their brand new album Long Live, just because they tried. But they pretty much suck, the same way Taproot sucks and Spineshank sucks. Good roots, but they never really took off, or rocked in the brutal way I wanted them to. I'm sure some pussy men and chicks really dig most of their stuff though.

Okay, onto the brutal bands in this second installment. I'm also doing my best to keep this PG-13, as per my initial instructions. Even though vulgar is a display of power ( catch that??? Pantera reference...). Here goes people:

DEVOUR THE UNBORN - These guys formed in 2011 as an international ensemble. Currently the band's line up is confined to the good ol' U.S.A. (Texas to be exact). Their original vocalist was from Bari, Italy. How do you like your spaghetti? With sickness, mutilation, gore and cannibalism, you say? Here's your band. Needless to say, these guys aren't mainstream popular. I can't understand any of their lyrics (not counting voiced samples), but it just doesn't matter. They are brutal and coming for your nut sack.

CARNIFEX - I love these guys. They actually came to Evansville a few years back and played as the headliner after like a dozen bands. It was near a four and a half show. Shit bands to start, then major label bands, then Carnifex. These guys are BRUTAL. Their name is derived from Latin, meaning "butcher" or "executioner." From what I remember, they were pretty cool guys and I had their frontman, Scott Ian Lewis, sign a shirt. I was also Marlee Matlin deaf for two days. These guys are the real deal and still underrated. They've been churning out the punishment since 2005 and hopefully it's full steam ahead.

KITTIE - Yes, it's an all chick band originating from Canada AYY, and they can kick some serious assholes in. They've had a revolving cast of members, but the Lander sisters have been the anchor. I've been listening to these chicks since Spit came out in 1996. They've tinkered around aboot with their sound as much their lineup, starting out as a nu metal band and evolving into more of a death metal band. Morgan Lander, the vocalist is like a lemon Sour Patch Kid. She's downright scary and guttural one minute growling like she's possessed, then singing serenely the next. Check out "Mouthful of Poison" and "Severed," two of my favorite tracks.

Think these bands suck? Eat it blowholes. They don't. It's okay, not everyone likes the metal I like. I'll keep featuring brutal bands and if you didn't like these three, maybe you'll like the bands I've yet to talk about, like uhhh, White...snake??? KIDDING. Look forward to  James Pligge, FOH, and many, many more brutal bands. All in good time...

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