How about a good old fashioned gross out post people? Let's turn some stomachs. That's metal right?

Here's a slimy slug I found on my sidewalk one humid evening.


This is what happens when my son has an upset stomach after one too many Dum Dum suckers. At least he missed the carpet.

And here we have the contents of my cat Mr.'s stomach after snagging a pepperoni from a piece of Papa John's pizza and eating his can of gravy and cheese filled Fancy Feast too quickly. He was an asshole and puked ON THE CARPET.


This is a dead opossum we discovered outside at work. I took a shovel and returned what was left of it to the earth in a drainage ditch while gagging violently.

The dead opossum left his mark on the sun baked concrete. We snapped this one a couple days later. R.I.P. pal.

See, that wasn't so bad!

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