Family Cooks Their Pizza With A Side Of…Snake?
How do you like your pizza? Thin crust? Deep dish? Pepperoni? Maybe a nice slice of Hawaiian? Perhaps a side of...snake? Wait, what?
Recently, a North Carolina family threw a pizza in the oven for a quick dinner. But when they went to remove it 20 minutes later, they noticed that a snake had somehow …
Google Files A Frightening Patent
In a classic example of life imitating fiction, Google's parent company has filed a patent that should look familiar to fans of Futurama.
In a season 6 episode, titled "Attack of the Killer App", the crew has eyePhones injected directly into their eyeballs...
Why Men Don't Get Pussy--Cats [Poopchute Paradise]
It started like this: I'm sleeping peacefully and still in my bed, dreaming of something I can't quite remember. But this foul smell perverts my dream...why? God, the smell is awful. Why in the hell is this nasal assault in my dream? Suddenly I jar...and the real nightmare begins.

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