Alicia Silverstone Feeds Her Child Like A Bird
You might remember Alicia Silverstone from several things in the 90s. The things that standout are her roles in Clueless, Batman And Robin, and a few Aerosmith videos. Now in 2012 you'll remember her as a human bird.
Girlfriend Pranks Boyfriend By Throwing Fecal Matter At Him
There are many cool things your girlfriend can do for you. Mine checks my pulse when I'm passed out drunk (hooray dating a nurse) and randomly brings me food at work...among other things. However I would have to draw the line the moment animal crap starts getting thrown.
Dude Grosses Everyone Out
Well it looks like I'm done with cigarettes for a minute. After watching this disgusting stunt, pulled by some dude, in 'celebration' of New York City's smoking ban.
Parents of the Year
Five months in and the voting is over. I have the winners of the coveted 'T Rav's Parent of the Year" award for 2011. It goes to the parents who decide to record this Youtube Video.
The Best Things Are Always Bad For You
Granted there was a time in High School I could finish off a 40 piece chicken McNugget and be ready to run a marathon. Now you fast forward to today, and I can only get a half through a Big Mac before needing a nap. The latest offering from the guys at Epic Meal Time would probably put me in a coma.