dumb criminal

Dispute Over Lawn Height Leads To Arson
Summer is finally here. The sun is shining, grills are sizzling, and people are burning their neighbor's house down for letting their grass grow to high.
Marty Corbitt had lead a pretty peaceful life living next door to Phillip Roger Bennett for the past four years in Cartersville, Geo…
Another Dumb Criminal On Facebook Gets Busted
Law enforcement agencies across the land must be celebrating just how easy Facebook has made their job. Not only can they have users help them bust criminals, but some of them are dumb enough to post their crimes on the site.
Michael Baker, from Kentucky, posted the picture you see above on his perso…
Take It On The Run
At some point in your life, you have planned the perfect heist. We're talking Ocean's 11 big. If not, then you must be a lot like Timothy Parker.
Bad Handwriting Foils Bank Robbery
If it's one thing my fancy communications degree taught me, its that the audience of a message needs to be able to understand it. And would-be bank robber, Thomas Love, learned that lesson the hard way.