If it's one thing my fancy communications degree taught me, its that the audience of a message needs to be able to understand it. And would-be bank robber, Thomas Love, learned that lesson the hard way.

Love walked in to a bank in New Castle, Delaware and handed the teller a note demanding money. The teller took one look at the note and handed it back to Love asking him to rewrite what he wanted.

In a moment of either panic or embarrassment, Love left the bank. It wasn't until the tellers were talking among themselves, that they realized they had almost been held up. So they contacted police.

Police said they located Love and arrested him for attempted robbery. They also found Love's note in a trash can down the street. They said the semi-legible scrawl demanded cash and asked tellers not to include 'dye packs'.

Let this be a lesson for potential bank robbers out there. Invest in a penmanship course, or invest in a word processing program.