Face it. There isn't much going on in Delaware. Name just one state attraction there. So it's no surprise when three daycare workers thought of a way to make their jobs more 'interesting'.

Tiana Harris, 19; Lisa Parker, 47; and Estefania Myers, 21 were arrested after it was revealed that they had started a "Toddler Fight Club" at the daycare where they worked. They made the children at Hands of Our Future Daycare fight by encouraging them to fight saying "No Pinching, just punching".

They even pushed children back in to fighting when they tried to escape.

Of course someone broke the first two rules of toddler fight club by telling the local police. They were able to confiscate the video that the women had filmed of the incident back in March.

Police observed the children pushing, punching, and throwing each other in to furniture. They day care has since had its license revoked, and parents are now looking for new arrangements for their children.

What would you do if your children were involved in a fight club at day care? Check out the video below from NBC News.

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