When it comes to putting your money where your mouth is, one Indiana man is showing up and showing out with his brilliant and hilarious personalized parody performances to help raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana.

The Bowling Stones Aren't a Saturday Night Cover Band

Evansville, Indiana native, Danny Schembre is part of a group known as "The  Bowling Stones," and while it may sound like some Saturday night cover band, it's actually Schembre and a group of friends who have come together to form a legendary bowling team.

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Not Your Dad's Bowling Team

Now this isn't just any regular bowling team, either. The Bowling Stones are one of the teams signed up to participate as part of an upcoming rock-n-roll-themed charity bowling event, aptly named Rock N Bowl for Kids' Sake benefiting Big Brothers Big Sister of Southwestern Indiana, and Schembre sits as the Marketing Chair for the event.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana is a one-to-one mentoring program dedicated to improving the lives of children in our community. Established in 1969, we currently serve children in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey, Spencer, and Gibson Counties in Southwest Indiana, and Henderson County in Kentucky. - Big Brothers Big Sisters Southwestern Indiana
attachment-The Bowling Stones - Danny Schembre
Danny Schembre

More Than 100 Children in Southwestern Indiana Are Waiting for Mentors

According to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana, there are currently more than 100 children who are waiting to be mentored by a Big Brother or Big Sister. Supporting this organization is incredibly important to our community, and Schembre is dedicated to doing his part.

Danny Schembre is Walking the Talk - and Singing It Too!

Schembre, who is a girl-dad to two, says that he feels like it's crucial that adults do "anything and everything in our power" to provide the younger generation with the opportunities that we didn't have, and he is walking the talk (and singing it too!) by supporting an organization that he says embodies that ideal.

Their whole mission surrounds providing mentorship to children who might not otherwise have an opportunity to learn and grow in a favorable environment. As a parent, I'm constantly checking myself (before I wreck myself) when talking to my oldest child, being sure I'm giving her the maximum opportunity to learn, thrive, and grow. And if I'm able to support an organization that makes that sort of mindset their entire mission statement, then that's just icing on the cake. - Danny Schembre

Drumming Up Donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana

To help drum up donations for Big Brothers Big Sisters, Schembre and his teammates have offered incentives to anyone who donates. For a $100 donation, Schembre will rewrite a song, customized for you, and share it in a video on social media. For a $500 donation, Schembre and the rest of the Bowling Stones will livestream a performance of your customized song parody, with the disclaimer: "Quality of live performance not guaranteed."

Schembre Loves Singing... And Making a Fool of Himself

Schembre and his two sisters grew up in a home filled with music. His parents, talented musicians themselves, met in the Air Force band and he says they instilled their love of music in him. While he can't read sheet music, he is a talented guitarist and drummer, who says he has "always loved singing and making a fool of myself so offering that as benefit to those who might want to donate to an awesome cause was a no brainer."

...my two sisters and myself were always singing, playing instruments, etc. Over time that evolved into joining theater, doing musicals, being in some TERRIBLE rock bands, and more it's just become a part of who I am. Funnily enough, though, I have wicked ADHD and never formally learned how to read music and am self taught on drums and guitar. It's one of those weird things where I feel like - the moment it becomes an obligation is the moment I lose interest. Since music has never felt that way to me, doing it to help people just feels right. - Danny Schembre

Pop, Rock, Hip Hop - No Genre Is Safe From Schembre's Lyrical Genius

Covering artists like Britney Spears, Queen, Justin Timberlake, and even the Don McLean classic, American Pie (above) where Schembre sings about his shared love of playing Halo with his sisters Mary Maria and Joliegh, and his brother-in-law Michael. We won't lie - it's long but 100% worth the watch. It had us laughing out loud!

A Special Song for His Wife That Hits Too Close to Home

Schembre's parody of D4L's Lauffy Taffy (below) is dedicated to his wife, Samantha, and it may be our personal favorite because it just hits a little too close to home.

Girl my knees are crappy
Cat's on my lappy
I'm knitting cappies
Plants make me happy
Girl, watching movies sappy
Sipping a frappe
Old songs are catchy...

How to Donate to BBBS & Get Your Own Schembre Original Parody Song

Want a custom song of your own? You can make a donation on the The Bowling Stones official Rock N Bowl for Kids' Sake donation page. All of the proceeds go directly to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana and their mission to "Create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth." If you want to see more of Schembre's creative song covers, find them here.

Want to support Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern Indiana and start your very own Rock N Bowl team? Sign up your team of six here and we'll see you on the lanes!

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