5 Spots Around Evansville a Rock Dad Can Take His Kids
Kids are crazy. Sometimes too much crazy for parents to handle. Sometimes you just need to get them out of the house and out on the town to keep them occupied, amused and entertained. Red and I recently took our kids out to five local places that would entertain them and keep us sane.
How to Find the Right Halloween Costume for Your Kids
Dressing your child for Halloween can be a stressful task. You have to find that delicate balance between age appropriate and something at your kid is going to like. So I decided to hit a few stores to see what was available for the younger crowd. Here is what I learned…
16 GIFs That Prove Kids Are Awesome
When it comes to this whole life thing, kids pretty much reign supreme. OK, so they're not really good at being flower girls or staying awake while eating, but who cares! Kiddos know how to be awesome, and we're here to prove that point even further.

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