Summer is finally here. The sun is shining, grills are sizzling, and people are burning their neighbor's house down for letting their grass grow to high.

Marty Corbitt had lead a pretty peaceful life living next door to Phillip Roger Bennett for the past four years in Cartersville, Georgia. But that peace came to an end a few days ago.

That's when Bennett and Corbitt got in to an argument over the height of the grass in Corbitt's yard. The argument escalated when Corbitt was slapped in the face and went completely insane.

Bennett made good on a threat to burn down Corbitt's house and began to do just that. Corbitt was able to feel the house safely with his 3 year old daughter who was inside at the time.

Bennett was taken to the hospital for burns he received from the fire, before being taken to the Bartow County Jail where he was booked on arson charges.

So the next time you start complaining about your neighbors, just remember that they haven't slapped you and burned down your house because you didn't mow your lawn. At least I hope they haven't.

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