Call me 'too broke to know better', but I think of parking like sex. Where I see no point of paying for it, if I can get it for free. Now after watching this sting operation on a parking valet, I will continue to search for free parking. 

'Good Morning America' rigged a $60,000 2012 Corvette with cameras (and with GPS), then parked it at a lot where the owner has long been accused of taking cars for joyrides.

After the vehicle had been parked for six hours, Jamie Nieves takes the car out for a spin around Cocoa Beach. So where does he take the Corvette for an afternoon on the town?

Applebees, of course.

Then he takes the car to his home, where takes pictures of the vehicle. I assume he uses those to pick up the type of chick that would enjoy a first date at Applebees.

He then proceeded to use the car several more times, including making a trip to Ace Hardware and parking it at his home overnight.

Of course when he's confronted, you won't be surprised by his response.

Needless to say, I can park my own damn car for now on.