As you search the internet, you may have been missing your "misplaced rage" story of the day. Well look no further. 

On Father's Day, Joe Gibson, took his FOUR YEAR OLD son to a bar in south St. Louis. The name of the bar is "Friendlys", but Gibson found it was anything but. Despite the fact that the bar doesn't have a children's menu, or doesn't allow anyone under 21 to enter, the manager agreed to seat Gibson and his son.

Gibson claims to have enjoyed his visit, until the bill arrived. That is when he noticed that he was charged for, "1 — (F%$#@$% Needy Kids)". Gibson met with the manager, who explained it was written as a joke. I'm also certain that the manager offered a discount (standard practice in restaurants to shut people up). Gibson wasn't satisfied. Because as we all know, SOMEONE must get fired!

So the father who takes his toddler to a bar on FATHER'S DAY, felt he had to tell his story to the whole world. So he posted a picture of the receipt, and an explanation of what happened (Grammar Nazi's you have been warned) on the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Facebook page.

Once again, in a story that actually took up space in an actual newspaper (instead of covering much more important world events), the management of "Friendlys" explained it was just a joke and that the employee was reprimanded. Of course, Facebook comments on "Friendlys" page show that the "can't take a joke" crowd will never visit again. Which is great! Who wants those people and toddlers co-mingling in a bar?

Honestly its a simple mistake. The kid never saw the receipt (unless he paid for the meal), so no harm no foul. When I delivered pizzas you wouldn't believe the number of times we had customer's named Douchebag, No Tip, or Jerk. We were just smart enough to never hand them the ticket.

The lesson here is simple. Dad - don't take your kid to a BAR on FATHER'S DAY! Server - double check the tickets for "jokes". And Facebook saints, take a freaking chill pill!

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