An all-new miniature golf facility unlike anything you've ever experienced before is expanding with new locations coming to Kentucky and Tennessee.

A Pure Stroke of Genius

Puttshack got its start in the UK and has since made its way to the United States. The business combines the fun and excitement of mini golf, with the vibe of a high-class nightclub complete with music, signature cocktails, and delicious food.

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A Technological Hole in One

The new facilities planned for both Louisville and Nashville will feature miniature golf but in a way that is fresh, new, and innovative. This is not your parent's mini golf. At Puttshack, there is no need for those tiny pencils and paper scorecards - your ball keeps track of all of your points. Rather than playing for the best under-par score, players are competing for the high score. The fewer strokes to get the ball in the hole, the better your score.

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More About Puttshack

Puttshack offers a 9-hole course and each game lasts approximately thirty minutes. The creators of Puttshack are actually responsible for some other pretty innovative tech that you are likely familiar with.

Puttshack was born when Adam Breeden (All Star Lanes, AceBounce, Flight Club) and brothers Steven and Dave Jolliffe (Topgolf) had a stroke of inspiration – to take the mini golf experience to a whole other level. By joining forces, they took the best parts of mini golf – the fun, the accessibility, the trash talking – and powered a new game with seamless, modern technology.

Take a tour through a virtual 3D rendering of one of their locations in the video below.

Where to Experience Puttshack

Currently. Puttshack has locations in the UK and the US including in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, and St. Louis. There are a number of new locations currently in the works in cities like Dallas, Houston, and Denver, and several others including Nashville and Louisville.

Nashville, Tennessee Puttshack

The location in Nashville is expected to open sometime later this year. The facility will be located at 1111 Church Street inside the Church Street Tower, a 25-story multi-use complex built on the site that was once home to Gibson Guitars.

Louisville, Kentucky Puttshack

The Louisville location for Puttshack is expected to be open sometime in 2024. The facility will be located at 7900 Shelbyville Road in the Oxmoor Center on the city's east side.

To learn more and to keep up on the progress of the new locations, visit


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