In a recent study, Tennessee has found itself among the most dangerous states in the nation.

A Look at Violent and Property Crimes by State

In a study, US News dove into both the violent crime rates and property crime rates in all 50 states. After combing through all of the data, the outlet was able to determine how well each state fosters public safety.

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From there, US News was able to create a ranking to determine the how each state ranked for safety. While many states ranked well, placing them in the top 10 and even in the top half of the list, others did not rank so well.

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There Are Many Factors That Contribute to the Amount of Crime

US News says that according to the FBI, there are several factors that can contribute to the amount and type of crimes including "population density, economic conditions, climate and family cohesiveness."

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So Where Does Tennessee Land on the List?

While Tennessee ranked number 27 overall on US News's "Best States," it did not fair well when it came to crime. The rate of violent crime in Tennessee is 622 per 100,000, while the property crime rate much higher at 2,302 per 100,000. It's for these reasons that Tennessee takes the number 6 spot on the list of 10 most dangerous states in the nation.

The Rest of the List

As for the other states among the ten most dangerous, we find:

#10 Missouri

#9 California

#8 Oregon

#7 Alaska

#6 Tennessee

#5 Washington

#4 Arkansas

#3 Colorado

#2 Louisiana

#1 New Mexico

Interestingly enough, Washington ranks as the #5 most dangerous while simultaneously ranking #8 in the Best States Overall.


Tennessee Bureau of Investigations Most Wanted Fugitives

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations says the following fugitives should be considered armed and dangerous. They say these people should be "approached with extreme caution. If you have any information regarding these fugitives, you are asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND or you can email

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These 40 Children are Currently Missing in Tennessee - Have You Seen Them?

This is not a comprehensive list of every missing child in the state of Tennessee. The children included below may be involved in a variety of circumstances, including:
  • Parental abductions
  • Children considered at-risk
  • Those who've left home on their own
  • Individuals who meet the criteria for AMBER
  • Endangered Child
  • Other types of cases in which publicity may prove helpful in locating them

If you have any information regarding any of these children, please contact the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation by calling 1-800-TBI-FIND or email

Gallery Credit: Kat Mykals

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