I am a big believer in karma. You do good things and eventually, good things will happen to you. On the flip side, if you do bad things, eventually you'll get your comeuppance no matter how clever you think you are, karma will catch up with you which is exactly what happened to a Mt. Vernon, Indiana woman recently.

Mt. Vernon Police Find Woman Hiding in Unusual Spot During Arrest Attempt

According to a report shared by the Mt. Vernon Police Department on its Facebook page earlier this week, Officer Brandon Brauser was on patrol Saturday when he noticed a car matching the description of one registered to Seliena Shoultz parked in front of a residence in the 1000 block of Mill Street. You see, Shoultz had an active felony warrant out for an incident she was part of in Warrick County. The report didn't specify the details of that warrant or how long it had been active, but considering it was a felony warrant, I think we can safely assume it was obviously something bad.

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Canva / Google Maps
Canva / Google Maps

As any good officer would, Officer Brauser called for backup, and after it arrived, stepped out of his vehicle, walked up to the door, and knocked. He and his fellow officers were greeted by a female voice on the other side that said, "Who is it?" in what I'm guessing was nothing but a pleasant and respectful tone (that is 100% sarcasm). Following standard protocol, the officers identified themselves as being with the police department. However, the door did not open and they were not formally greeted by whoever they were speaking to. Instead, the individual could be heard running away from the door. After a few more attempts over the course of "several minutes," the officers "made entry into the home" to serve the arrest warrant.

Once inside, they noticed the individual had tried to make getting through the door more difficult by barricading it with some type of chair. They searched the home looking for Shoultz and finally found her in an unlikely location — the oven.


Ovens, great for cooking. Not great for hiding from the police

Officers removed Shoultz from the oven and placed her under arrest. She was booked in the Posey County Jail on the felony warrant charge from Warrick County and an added charge of resisting arrest because karma is a — well, you know.

I'll give her credit for creativity when it came to choosing her hiding spot. Although, I don't know of any home ovens big enough that an adult human could climb into and be able to shut the door. Obviously, it wasn't the best choice and things didn't work out like I'm guessing she wanted them to, but sometimes, that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

[Source: Mt. Vernon Indiana Police Department]

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