My favorite fast food burger disappeared. Once I found out, it was like someone ripped out my Endocrine System.

I'm speaking of the great EL DIABLO from Hardee's. That was one of the most delicious fast food burgers I've ever had in my life, and I was addicted like a junkie. I would start to get DT's and tremors if I didn't have one at least once a week.

So I'm sitting at work, thinking about how delicious and satisfying a big ass half pound EL DIABLO burger will be when my shift ends. I leave work, roll up to Hardee's and order my beloved.

We don't make those any more they say. We stopped serving them yesterday. Sorry sir. I was stunned. Shocked. Angry. I cursed into the speaker box. I searched the menu frantically for something else to order, yet nothing else would suffice. I ordered a regular burger and left, dejected, and unbelieving that the greatest fast food burger to ever exist was no more. Like Pantera, or Type O Negative...gone, forever.

What made the EL DIABLO so great? For me it was the crispy jalapeño poppers that oozed delicious goodness upon my tastebuds as I chomped into the perfection between the fresh bun. It also included jalapeños, pepper jack cheese, crispy bacon and a special spicy sauce. It made Dairy Queen's Flamethrower, which I also love, look like amateur hour.

I've e-mailed Hardee's pleading with them to bring it back, but was told it was a limited time only product. I can only hope it's like the McRib and they bring it back, so once again I can procure the deliciousness and expand my waistline even further. Oh well, I suppose it gives me a reason to start eating healthy again and get back into shape so I can wear more than two pairs of my jeans. Maybe Hardee's did me a favor. But how I miss thee, sweet EL DIABLO.

Surely some of you had the pleasure to experience eating one of those delicious burgers...if not, you missed the boat. So where might I find a good burger, perhaps with jalapeño poppers, jalapeños, bacon, pepper jack cheese and a delicious spicy sauce?

Recommendations, please! I'm jonesing...