I managed to get Red out of the house and to my favorite spot, PG, again. The first and only other time she went, some crazy chick drug her over over a speaker and nearly put her on the DL with a torn ACL.

I've been to PG a handful of times since Red's encounter with the weirdo. Her return trip was much calmer this time around; the weird chick was no where to be seen. It was a hip hop show, which I've never been to at PG. I've seen an open mic comedy show, a metal show, an alternative show and a few electronic shows. Our first hip hop show was billed Black Friday Show (because it was on Black Friday...duh) featuring Ki & Sunny Ture. I've never heard of these guys, but there was quite a turn out for them. The performing space was packed like a can of sardines in cheap beer, so we hung back in the free and loose area. The show was pretty dope; not quite Kool John dope (maybe next time Todd?), but good. Nice beats, tight flows...and you definitely can't beat the price of FREE.

Here's a guy DJ-ing before the show started popping off...I can't remember his name:

I split my beverages between Miller High Life and tea and Red stayed german with Heineken. The tea is burn your mouth piping hot, but delicious. There's quite a variety to choose from. I had Hibiscus Heaven and Gunpowder Green. Here's a can of champagne I hammer smashed:

Halfway through the show, Red and I were starving. I inquired about a pizza, which I've had there before and is delicious, but was told those were served only on Saturdays. So we checked out the menu. I ordered the grilled cheese deluxe, which had gruyere, cheddar, jalapeño poppers and bacon for $7. It also came with Ruffles as a side. Red ordered the chicken tenders that were friend in a crunchy hazelnut breading with a side roasted poblano and garlic mashed potatoes for $8.

SHIT SON!!! That was definitely the best grilled cheese I've ever had. I think I could've devoured six of them in one sitting, hold the chips. Red's food was equally as satisfying. The crunchy hazelnut breading really made that chicken bawk bawk!

Here's some bathroom chalk art:

I've said it before and I'll say it again...PG is f-ing awesome. I love the revolving art that adorns the walls in the main space and the shitters, the delicious food, reasonable drink and entry prices and unique characters milling about inside that badass purple building. The musical talent is always awesome...you never have to worry about hearing a band or musician covering a song you've heard hundreds of times before, it's original and unlike anything else you'll find around the Ville.

If you haven't been to PG yet, you need to check it out. I'm not quite a regular yet, but I go as often as I can...family, cats and work keep me pretty busy, but chances are you might run into me there sometime and you can say what's up BK, and I'll say what's up and you can buy me some champagne. For real though...it's only $3. You can break one of your favorite GBF bloggers off some drank for that! I just may return the favor.