Sure, boobs are fun to look at and play with...but have you ever tried living with them? They are a real pain in the neck.


Cool things boobs do:


1. Look awesome.
2. Catch food you drop.
3. Feed babies.


Not so cool things boobs do:


1. Be painful, annoying, heavy, no fun things.


You can't run without strapping 'em down like you got a chest wound in WWII. After a whole day on your feet OR sitting in a chair, they start to hurt your back and neck. And depending on the size of your boobs, certain sleep positions are a no-no. Sometimes you can't lie on your stomach because it squishes your boobs painfully. Other times you can't lie on your back because the weight of your boobs presses down on you and it makes it uncomfortable to breathe.


So, the Try Guys decided to try boobs out for 12 hours.


I really wish they would have gone the full 24 hours and tested these things while sleeping...but I think getting punched in the throat by a boob weight is punishment enough...(ouch).


NSFW...because apparently wearing boob weights causes you to cuss like a sailor.


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