I ‘Heart’ Boobs! Check Out This Gallery!
I like women. Those who know me are quite aware that I consider myself a ladies man.  The ladies may not look at it that way, but I sure do.  I like women of all colors and long as they don't like country music, it's cool.
I usually consider myself a leg man, but what g…
When you hear 36C or 40DD you automatically think...hmm...bra size right? What about 38KKK??? Being a girl and having boobs I know for sure I would not want to carry around a triple K for sure!
Conan Gets Caught Staring at Boobies
So apparently the other night Conan O'Brien, while interviewing Nicole Scherzinger (who is in some group and is on some show), got caught doing what any red-blooded American male would do.  I mean...they were there, what else was he going to do? Talk to her about quantum physics?
Well, he should have…
Who Says There’s No Hope For The Future
And now, I'd like to present the next great 103GBF jock...or maybe the 2052 Republican nominee for President. Either way, this kid's got a bright future ahead of him. Last time I tried something like this I got smacked in the face and asked to leave church.
There Is An App For That
I'm expecting a press release later today from Apple, declaring the end of app development for the iDevice family. After the launch of our RadioPup app (shameless plug) and this app, consider every app ever needed has now been developed.