Its the perfect diversion for any female criminal. With just one flash (sometimes even a peek) can turn some men in to blubbering idiots. However Spanish Airport Security isn't fooled by a nice rack. 

The Panamanian woman landed at Barcelona's Prat airport from a flight that originated in Bogota, Columbia. That flight is already listed as a "hot-flight" by airport authorities so they cast extra scrutiny on passengers.

When asked questions the Panamanian woman began to give bizarre answers, which lead officials to pat her down. That is when they discovered bloody gauze under the woman's breast.

Claiming the wounds were from a breast implant procedure and hadn't properly healed, she was taken to a hospital. That's when doctors discovered her implants were carrying nearly 3 lbs. of cocaine.

Going for $35,000 per pound, that woman had one expensive rack.

Flights originating from Columbia are under constant scrutiny since the country is the largest exporter of cocaine. I don't ever plan on flying there thanks to low budget slasher flicks.


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