Don't you dare skimp on the taco meat if you are ever working at a Mexican food restaurant in Albany, GA (although the series of events to get you in that situation, would be a far better story).

5 days ago an Albany Policeman on patrol, spotted a fire raging at the drive thru of the local Taco Bell. Officials spoke with employees of the store and they seem to have a pretty good idea who may have started the fire.

Just minutes before closing an angry customer called in complaining about the amount of meat his chalupa contained. The employees explained they were about to close, and that he would have to call back in the morning. But that didn't settle well with the douche, who said "That's alright, I'll just come up there and redecorate the place."

Police and firefighters say that the fire caused minimal damage, and that an investigation is underway.

Perhaps it has something to do with special ingredients in the meat. Whatever the deal, Taco Bell may have to get ready for even more insane customers, including myself. The company is set to release a taco with a Dorito shell, some time soon!

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