Not just a case of cheesy come, cheesy go at this Taco Bell in Bloomington, Indiana Wednesday afternoon.

A 31-year-old woman no longer works for this fast-food restaurant after causing absolute chaos that allegedly ended in the assault of her 19-year-old shift manager.

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The employee was reportedly angry over her work schedule.  That's why she allegedly spent her shift constantly banging and hitting things in the kitchen. Eventually, management stepped which only escalated the situation according to The Bloomingtonian,

The worker was then put on the phone with a regional manager of Taco Bell, but then threw a phone, and threw pots and pans inside the store. Finally, the woman threw a pan of cheese at her 19-year-old shift manager hitting her in the stomach.

The 31-year-old suspect was fired and advised by local law enforcement to not trespass.  The suspect was fired after throwing hot cheese on her manager.  I'm sure they're cheddar off without here.  Either way you slice it, she's lucky to walk away without criminal charges.

Usually, fast food rage stories involve a customer losing their minds on an employee.  Rarely do we hear about staff conflict like this.  However, there was an incident at a Wendy's in Kalamazoo in July that went viral on Twitter and TikTok.  This incident involved a very hostile work environment that lead to at least one employee being fired.  You can get that story by clicking here.

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