At first I thought I hadn't heard correctly. I was harvesting some crops in Farmville (yes, I'm that lame), and I overhead something on CNN about a new item from Taco Bell. I turned around just in time to see just what years of human evolution have brought us.

In a few select markets, Taco Bell is testing a new taco shell that is made of Doritos chips. Allow your brain a few seconds to process that information. Yes, that tasty nacho cheese taste will now be part of the shell experience.

Its being called the 'Dorito Loco Taco' in a video that has been posted on Youtube. You know its gotta be good when the guy in the video says it tastes like he "walked in to heaven". And I'm not even sure how you can even taste that.

Also, I'm wondering what in the hell took us so long. Just in the past year we got a freaking burrito with Flaming Hot Doritos inside. If you've been drunk and in a kitchen, you seem to have the qualifications to work in the Taco Bell research and development department.

What's next on the horizon of bad ass food from Taco Bell. Cereal at 3 AM? Totinos pizza with real bacon on it that you fried on your George Forman? Lays chips on a ham sandwich? Its your call Taco Bell. The sky is the limit.

However, if you need some help with the research give me a call at the station.

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