I guess the powers that be at Taco Bell don't want to make hiring someone a long, drawn-out process, they just wanna get right to it - and on Wednesday, April 21st, that's exactly what they're going to do. On that day, that one single day, Taco Bell restaurants around the country plan to add a total of 5,000 new employees during a one-day hiring event. The parking lots of about 2,000 different TB locations will be turned into temporary mini job fairs. Hiring managers will be on hand, conducting on-the-spot interviews with job seekers. Interviews will take place outside and in some cases, even in the drive-thru for those who would rather stay in their cars. Of course, Taco Bell wants to keep everyone safe, so please plan on wearing a mask and socially distancing at least six feet.

Taco Bell is looking to fill a number of different positions, including cashiers, general managers, and what they call "bellhops," people that help support drive-thru traffic with tablet ordering. Taco Bell offers a starting wage of $9.10 per hour with opportunities for advancement and pay increases. As for benefits, they include paid vacation time for general managers, as well as paid time off for new parents, and paid disability for women after childbirth.

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What kinds of jobs are available at a Taco Bell in your area? It's easy to find out - HERE's where you need to go to job openings at Taco Bell restaurants in your city and state.

It's probably worth mentioning that Taco Bell is owned by Yum Brands, which is also the owner and operator of Pizza Hut and KFC restaurants.

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