This 10 Year-Old Is Going to Take the Comedy World By Storm
I saw a video pop-up on our 103GBF page about an 89 year-old man debuting his comedy routine (you should check it out, it is hilariously adorable) and it reminded me of a comedian I recently heard about on the other end of the age spectrum. Meet 10 year-old Saffron "Saffy" Herndon from Mes…
Daylight Savings Time Is Tonight! (with Video)
Here's your reminder that we FALL BACK an hour tonight. Which means we get one more extra hour to sleep off our candy comas! Yay! But if you forget to set your clocks back in your candy-fueled stupor, don't worry, you can always do it in the morning.
This Kid Totally Did Not Eat The Cupcakes
Its Saturday morning and you make be waking up and realizing you need to deny your Friday night activities.
Just like I will totally deny that I spent Friday night at home watching a Law and Order: SVU marathon on Netflix.
The kid in this video is going to keep on denying that he ate that cupcake…
Larry David Plays Bernie Sanders and SLAYS IT!
This past weekend, Tracy Morgan returned to Saturday Night Live as host and some pop star (that has an annoying song I really don't like) was musical guest. But it was the show's cold opening that got my attention.
This past week was the Democratic presidential debate, which stared Hilary Clinton, …

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