While surfing Reddit recently, I came across the Evansville subreddit (r/evansville). Besides the usual griping that comes with social media, I noticed there were a lot of posts from people who are moving to Evansville and wanted info about the city. So I decided to compile a list of things to know about Evansville before moving here.

  1. Renting Apartments
    Let me start this off by saying there are a lot of great landlords in our fair city. However there are quite a few who only want your money and never want to be bothered. I would suggest getting everything in writing. EVERYTHING. Record it on video for added measure. Document every issue, every rent payment, and every interaction. For added measure, have enough money in savings to pay a retainer for an attorney (Seriously, I was thankful I did this after taking a former landlord to court). Indiana has a lot of pro-landlord laws, but not a lot of protections for renters. Don't be caught off-guard by a bad landlord! Know your rights, know everything about your lease, and be ready in case you have an absent landlord who doesn't uphold their end of the bargain.
  2. No Alcohol On Sundays
    Its a Sunday in the Fall and you are getting ready to watch your favorite NFL team when you notice you are out of beer. Don't bother going to your local liquor or grocery store. Indiana doesn't allow carryout alcohol sales on Sunday. Its a dumb law and every time the state government tries to change, it gets stuck in committee. You can be served at a restaurant or bar on Sunday, because our state legislatures feel that having a few and driving is a better alternative than drinking at your own home. And with that...
  3. Evansville Doesn't Have Uber!
    Sure its 2016 and ride sharing is common in other cities, but don't count on it here in the 'Ville. What you can count on is limited public transportation and cab services which have 45 minute to an hour wait time. The bus service in town doesn't run on Sundays, so good luck finding a low-cost method of getting beer.
  4. Left Lane Cruisers
    In most cities, the left lane is for passing only. Not in the fair city of Evansville. The state of Indiana has a law against people cruising in the left lane, but it hasn't been enforced since the first week it went in effect. Reading Facebook comments about the left lane law reveals the most local drivers think its their job to slow down anyone trying to pass in the left lane. If they're so worried about fighting the crime of speeding, why aren't they trying to bust shoplifters. My guess is that they weren't picked for hall monitor duty in elementary school, so this is their way of making up for it.
    My family moved to Evansville when I was very young. So I often heard my mom saying "Its not an EXPRESSWAY if there are stoplights!" My mom grew up in Chicago, so I often heard stories about things that city does versus Evansville. I remember saying something like that at school, only to have a teacher snap at me "Well we AREN'T Chicago!" So my advice is to never compare Evansville to your old city, unless you are around other transplants. The locals don't handle criticism well and will think you just offended their ancestors by pointing out that the stupid Expressway shouldn't have stoplights on it, that the city should have Uber, and why its totally stupid not to sell alcohol on Sundays.

I hope this guide helps future residents prepare for living in this city. Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait for fellow Redditors tell you about their city.

Locals reading this post, anything you would like add for future residents? Put your comments below!