...but you can take away its internet access.

Stephen Stuart, of Palo Alto, CA, recently ran in to a dead end with officials at city hall. Stuart was upset at the city's decision to build a 50' cell phone tower in his neighborhood.

Rather than let the city win the fight, Stuart put the gears in motion to disconnect the city from the internet. Palo Alto has been enjoying free internet for a number of years.

Stuart was able to email a friend who worked with Internet Systems Consortium, a non-profit that provides free internet to the city. His friend was able to put the gears in motion to get the city disconnected.

The ISC sent an email to the city:

"This email is to inform you that ISC, which provides the city of Palo Alto with Internet Connectivity via the I-Net, is going to terminate transit service for the city (the service of announcing the city's IP prefix to the Internet)," Laura Hendriksen, director of business operations, wrote in an email to City Manager James Keene.

While City Hall and other government offices will be affected, local schools and libraries will remain connected.

So while you can't always win the fight with city hall, you can always play dirty with your connections. Literally.

Read the full story here at Mercurynews.com .

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