Sure we all have our opinions about our current state of government. But while most people in our area are shoving fried delights in their face, one man is taking a stand.

Buzzfeed, and other social sites today, that showed a lone man carrying a state of South Carolina flag mowing the lawn of the Lincoln Memorial.

Since the government went on shutdown last week, many of the monuments along the National Mall in Washington, D.C. have been closed. Employees of those monuments have been furloughed and that includes groundskeepers.

Although his mowing was interrupted by the authorities, Cox claimed to be part of the Memorial Militia. Cox says he hopes his actions will get other volunteers who are going to clean up monuments in D.C. ahead of this weekend's Million Vet March. Cox not only managed to mow the grass around the Lincoln Memorial, he also cleared a branch that had fallen on a sidewalk near the reflection pool. Take that you empty suits in Washington!

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