One Kentucky restaurant has landed among the best in the country for Chinese food.

Not All Dining Experiences Are Created Equal

When it comes to eating out, it's not all created equal. Over the years, I have had some really good, and some really bad dining experiences. Finding a place that is the total package can be a challenge, but a recent list from Love Food just made it a little easier to find a good restaurant experience.

We’ve done the hard work for you and sought out the most highly rated Chinese restaurant in every state and Washington DC, from sleek modern spots to family-run favorites. - Love Food
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Best Chinese Restaurants Across America

Love Food dug in to determine the best Chinese restaurants in every state in America, and Washington DC. The results are a delicious blend of modern fusion and small, family-owned businesses across the country.

attachment-Best Chinese Food Kentucky

The Best Chinese Restaurant in Kentucky.

It's a family-owned business that takes the title of Best Chinese Restaurant in the state of Kentucky. Fort Mitchell is where you will find the longstanding Oriental Wok, which first opened in 1977. The restaurant has been run by the same family since first opening its doors. Love Food recommends General Wong's Chicken with a blend of sweet and spicy flavors, and they rave about the egg rolls too.

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Oriental Wok has a second location that can be found in Hyde Park, Ohio. To learn more about Oriental Wok, visit their website.

[SOURCE: LoveFood]

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