If Tom Cruise can get his religion involving space aliens and "thetans" recognized as a religion, then why not piracy? 

No not the sea faring pirates. The types that download music, software, movies, tv shows, and maybe cars (give 3D printers enough time). Calling themselves the Missionary Church of Kopimism, the group of internet pirates are officially recognized as a church in Sweden.

Calling themselves Kopimiststhey believe that information should be freely distributed no matter what it is. Just this past week members of Sweden's Pirate Party (why are we so BORING here) announced that Kopimism has been officially recognized as a religion in Sweden.

Here are some of the Kopimists basic beliefs:

  • All knowledge to all;
  • The pursuit of knowledge is sacred;
  • The circulation of knowledge is sacred;
  • The act of copying is sacred.
If you count downloading all 15 seasons of South Park, knowledge, then I agree (why did you remove it from your service Netflix).

There are even movements to get the religion recognized by the United States government. So when your internet provider busts you for downloading Finding Nemo, you could technically claim you were practicing your religion. Some people dance with snakes, some people light candles, some people think Tom Cruise is a hero. What's so weird about downloading freebies from the internet?

So the next time you are too cheap to pay for HBO and you really want to watch Game of Thrones. Practice your religion and find it online (you're not alone in doing this).