If you noticed the internet was running a little slow today, you don't have to worry about your recent visit to "questionable" websites. 

It appears that a feud in Europe has rippled across the globe (hasn't this happened before). The whole thing was caused by a computer hosting firm and a spam-fighting group.

Spamhaus is a non-profit organization based in London, it helps e-mail services ban mail originating from questionable places. Think of them as that buddy who looks out for you while you suffer from beer-goggles.

Recently they banned material originating from websites hosted by, Cyberbunker. Cyberbunker gives broad freedom to the material hosted on their sites, only banning terrorism and pedophilia.

Spamhaus and Cyberbunker had a war of words that escalated in to online attacks. Basically someone designs software to continuously visit websites, which slows down other traffic to the site.

Unfortunately this attack has caused internet traffic to slow in other places. Basically its a traffic jam that is blocking the exit you need. It has affected a large amount of websites and services, like Netflix.

I don't care what beef these organizations have, but I just started watching Modern Family. They interrupt that and its on like Donkey Kong.


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