This could be the coolest game changer for diabetics.

Researchers from Harvard and MIT have been hard at work on this project they call "Dermal Abyss". Basically, they've replaced the normal ink that you would tattoo with, with biosensors that "react to variations in the interstitial fluid". Which I think is a sciency phrase that means "when your blood sugar changes, the colors react and change".

Imagine, instead of poking your finger multiple times a day to check your blood sugar, instead all you had to do was double check your tattoo? No more pricks. No more needles. This really could be a game changer for type 1 and 2 diabetics. (If they choose to have the tattoo.)

But while this sounds amazing, it's just a project right now. It's not available to the public. It hasn't even gone through clinical trials yet. But so far the tattoos have worked on pig skin (which is very similar to human's), so hopefully in the near future we can actually have these things mass produced for those who need and want them.


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