T Rav’s Rant: Its Beyond Time To Finish I-69
In a part of the country where the name French Lick doesn't even cause a Hoosier to bat their eye. I-69 doesn't even get a snicker. That's because the highway has been long needed in the southern portion of the state.
T Rav’s Rant: Why Driving In Evansville Annoys Me
Alright Evansville, I've held my tongue long enough. But the seething rage I have while driving on our local roadways is driving me insane. Its also annoying the hell out of my girlfriend, who rolls her eyes as she once again points out that I can't control everyone on the roadway. That&ap…
Is There An Original Idea In Hollywood?
No one is sure when it happened, but sometime in the last decade Hollywood stopped developing original ideas. For instance there was a Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynold's body switch movie which was basically Freaky Friday with dudes and sex. That's worth another $10 ticket right?
Are You Kidding Me
Today I made one of my twice-a-year trips to the mall. I hate the mall, but I like my Chicago Bears hats from a certain store there. If they paid me, I'd tell you who they are. Hooray selling out.
Shopping Sucks
So why is it I can never go to any establishment without something happening? Most people can walk in to a store, pick out what they want, pay for it, and walk out.