No one is sure when it happened, but sometime in the last decade Hollywood stopped developing original ideas. For instance there was a Jason Bateman/Ryan Reynold's body switch movie which was basically Freaky Friday with dudes and sex. That's worth another $10 ticket right?

That's a $10 ticket, a $4 SMALL soda, and a $3 popcorn. On top of that, the movie theater wants you to become a member of their 'Rewards Club' for another $12 per year. That ensures you're going to be able to get in to see the same crap you've already seen, multiple times per year.

How bankrupt is Hollywood for fresh ideas? With in the next few years Tinsel Town is planning to release THREE, yes you read that right THREE, different remakes of the Snow White story. What is there to retell? Some broad is told to GTFO by her stepmother, so she moves in with seven short dudes who have unique personalities. The only studio that could add another twist to that story, only makes movies that cost me $14.99 on the On-Demand Video Channel on my cable box. And no matter what they say, the name of the movie does appear on the bill.

Even great directors who created films that defined a generation are regurgitating the same ol' stuff. Steven Spielberg is planning to re-release Jurassic Park. Rumors are that there are no major changes to the story, the changes are mostly a little light cleansing and digitization of the print. I remember when George Lucas said the same thing about the original Star Wars trilogy, then out of nowhere Cloud City has freaking WINDOWS and Jabba The Hutt suddenly makes an appearance in Episode 4.

One thing missing from Jurassic Park, that is finding its way in every movie, is 3D technology. Sure you have to spend the first half of the movie with a splitting headache, but it totally looks like that thing was thrown right at you! What makes a movie about shark attacks better than the last movie you watched about shark attacks? 3D brother! However TV manufacturers are reporting that 3D television may already be a dud. There are even rumors that ESPN may have to shut down its 3D network. So you're telling me people don't want to look like the lead singer of Weezer when they're enjoying Monday Night Football? GTFO, indeed.

Or perhaps society decided that after replacing all their TV's for HDTV, enough was enough. Either way, in my opinion I think people are looking for more substance than gimmicks when it comes to the movies. Unfortunately, Hollywood totally thinks they're not a decade or two behind for the Smurf's movie. I guess we're going to have to wait a little bit longer for the blockbuster with an original idea and no gimmicks.

In the meantime, despite what they say, I'm going to keep those 3D glasses. Maybe if I collect them all, they'll decide to end this annoying 3D fad once and for all.