So today I'm going to use this as a soapbox for a rant. Can I please ask, who designed the streets on the Westside? They must have been a fan of being late.

Nearly every route to the westend of town is crossed by a railroad. The main route, the Lloyd, is now under construction for the rest of the summer. Whats new? INDOT likes flipping us the middle finger. Why not? They have an entire beltway to get to their offices in Indy. And that feeling is not limited to just the state level either.

Baseline road, out in the middle of nowhere on the north side, recently got a two lane bridge to cross over railroad tracks. Development out there is years off, but development on the west side has happened and nothing is changing.

Cross Pointe Boulevard extends almost the entire length of the Eastside, but most of that four lane road is in farm land. The only exception is the little cluster of businesses near Cross Pointe's intersection with the Lloyd. Guess our city planners feel that the one or two cars that use the northern stretch of that road, need the space.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to detour around the nightmare INDOT has created on the Lloyd. Guess what? There are no good detours. I tried going down Hogue, only to be blocked by a train that was SITTING on the tracks. Tekoppel, same story. Claremont, no different. So I was late, and missed my appointment. Thanks Evansville!

How many times has Lincoln Avenue been upgraded in recent years? In the great battle between west and east, I have to say that east has west beat when it comes to proper road ways. Barker bottlenecks to a single lane road, from a almost four lane roadway.

10,000 students attend USI, and they are squeezed on to the Lloyd everyday after class. And if its not enough, the Eastside already has everything. They've got TWO Starbucks for crying out loud. Its true when they say, 'If you build it, they will come.' However, they aren't building anything on the westside.

Well I have to take that back, University Parkway is on its way to being extended to I-64. That'll be nice in the next decade or two when its finally completed. For now, I'll just sweat it out in my car and hope that someone has scheduled good music at 103.1 for me to listen to. Here's a middle finger right back at ya traffic planners!

What traffic debacle near you, has you scratching your head?