Alright Evansville, I've held my tongue long enough. But the seething rage I have while driving on our local roadways is driving me insane. Its also annoying the hell out of my girlfriend, who rolls her eyes as she once again points out that I can't control everyone on the roadway. That's fine. But I have a venue to point out a few of the things that annoy me, and I'm going to do that now.

  • Stop Using The Phone!

    You are driving a multi-ton vehicle capable of mowing down pedestrians, not a phone booth! Put the phone down! Driving 70 down 164 isn't the time to start calling friends and family and informing them of your feat. By the way, texting and driving is STILL illegal in the state.

    mrJasonWeaver / Facebook
  • You Are Not The Police

    So some douche is riding your bumper. You decide to either slow down or 'brake check' them. So you've been to the police academy? You took part in the hi jinks with Steve Gutenberg and the rest of the gang? No? Well then you have no reason to police the rest of the roadway. Just get out of the way and let the police handle the douche. Otherwise you are just clicking up the 'douche-o-meter' another notch.

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  • Its Called A Turn Signal, USE IT!

    I have lived in this town for the better part of 24 years, and yet I have no clue why people avoid using their turn signals. Yes, its one of those levers right next to the steering wheel. Its to help alert other drivers of your intentions. That doesn't mean keeping the damn thing on as you take an on-ramp on to the highway. And I know this may blow a few minds out there, but you are also supposed to use your signals when merging lanes. While I'm on that subject...

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  • The LEFT Lane Is For PASSING!

    Let me state that again. THE Right (I screwed up) LEFT LANE IS FOR PASSING! It doesn't matter if it is the west end of the Lloyd, if people are passing you on the right and someone is riding your bumper... YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Get out of the way! If you are getting over to make a turn (because whoever designed our 'expressway' was obviously drunk) that's understandable, but you don't need to get over 4 miles down the road.

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  • Green Means Go!

    You don't need paint splotches to match up the right color of green. You don't need to wait for the bulb to warm up. As soon as that light turns green, you need to GO! That doesn't mean you need to slam on the gas, but getting your wheels going will help the process.

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