Its the day after Independence day, so lets talk about a law our government just passed. And for once, its something I agree with!

The texting while driving ban in Indiana just passed recently, so if you aren't aware you are not alone. Plus, its not like anyone is getting ticketed it for it.

In my personal opinion, we should enact a law similar to California. On the golden coast, you cannot use a cell phone without a handsfree device while driving. However, it seems that everyone has become deathly afraid to have to actually use their phone for a call or they think a bluetooth headset is a fashion no-go.  So texting it is.

The law is proving difficult to enforce for local law enforcement. It seems that they have to actually see the person texting. And there is a grey area if someone is using their phone's GPS mapping.

So perhaps they could combine the technology. I have a TomTom GPS that will not let me type on the screen if the car is in motion. It knows that, thanks to my GPS position. So why not use the GPS on the phone to shut down texting while the phone moves at a certain speed?

I'd rather be on the road with a bunch of geriatrics before a road full of people with cell phones. So what do you think of the recent texting ban? Does it go far enough? Or is it, like most things, just more government fluff-feel good laws?




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