Today I made one of my twice-a-year trips to the mall. I hate the mall, but I like my Chicago Bears hats from a certain store there. If they paid me, I'd tell you who they are. Hooray selling out.

When I walked in, something looked different. FYE is GONE! Going the way of the video rental store, record stores are seeing dropping numbers thanks to the wonders of the Internet. The closing of Tower Records was just the first domino to fall.

And why not? I can sit on my ass and watch a video from Netflix on my Xbox in less than five minutes. No chances of them being out of the movie I want to see. No crater faced kid judging my movie selections. No late fees. Same thing applies to my online music buying.

That's when I read this. Apparently Hollywood Video is still trying to use debt collectors to try to collect on money owed to them. That's fine and all, except Hollywood Video filed for bankruptcy and closed last year. How does that even work? Who am I paying?

So once again reminding us why TiVo, Netflix, and online music stores are far superior than an actual store, thanks Hollywood Video. Sure I loved Game Crazy and hated to see it go away, the video stores had this coming. Unfortunately any online game rental service usually sucks and is way too overpriced when compared to their online video rental counterpart.

Paying $25 too much for a CD, was a stretch. Paying $25 for a USED album was also a stretch. But trying to collect money for a company that is dead and buried, that's ridiculous.

Thank you Internet!