Anyone who knows me fairly well knows I love the TV show "Cops".  It is reality TV at its finest and I've enjoyed it for 25 years now.   For some reason, the network geniuses at "The Big Fox" as they call it (so not to confuse it with Fox News or Fox Financial) decided to pull the plug on "Cops" after all these years, much like they previously did with "America's Most Wanted".  Both shows were ratings successes.  So much so for "Cops", that here's a little ratings breakdown from the website


So, "Cops" still does very well in the Nielsen Ratings, so why would Fox cancel it?

Who knows?  The good news is...Spike TV is picking it up starting with season 26 in September.  Thank You Spike TV!  Here's more info about the change.

I celebrate with a couple of "Tough Takedown" themed segments from "Cops"!

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