While the whole world has Japan to meet its quota of "weird". In the United States, we have Florida to rely on for that.

On May 4th in Highland Beach in Florida, officers attempted to pull over a vehicle for going 57 in a 35 mile per hour zone. Instead the vehicle cut its lights, sped up to 65 mph (a little insult to injury), and came to a stop in a parking lot.

When officers got out to speak with the driver, they discovered the vehicle was empty. Witnesses claimed they saw no one leave the vehicle. After inspecting the vehicle, the officer walked back to his cruiser.

That is when the vehicle sped off again. After giving chase, the "driver" couldn't shake the officers again. So the vehicle came to a rest and the officers couldn't find a driver, AGAIN.

That is when they noticed the back seats moving. When they entered the vehicle they discover  28-year-old Maximilian Schroeder hiding in the trunk. Schroeder had been ducking into the truck through his vehicle's fold-down back seats.

Schroeder was charged with fleeing police and marijuana/drug paraphernalia possession.

Now check out this video of another ghost car that managed to get away from officers.


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