Fox Cancels "Cops"
Anyone who knows me fairly well knows I love the TV show "Cops".  It is reality TV at its finest and I've enjoyed it for 25 years now.   For some reason, the network geniuses at "The Big Fox" as they call it (so not to confuse it with Fox News or Fox Financial) decided to pull the plug on "Cops" after all these years, much like they previously did with "America's
After 25 Years, ‘Cops’ May Be Ending Its Run
When 'Cops' made it's TV debut, the Kardashians were nothing more than a lawyer's daughters and Snooki was living under a bridge asking three riddles to those who dared to cross. Reality TV was a fairly new concept, and the show the pioneered it may be coming to an end.
Man Calls 911 For Beer Emergency
Talk about a bizarre beer run. The AP is reporting that Raymond Roberge of Bridgeport, CT, dialed 911 three times on Sunday. When authorities finally showed up to his house, the 65-year-old man gave them money "to go to the store and buy him some beer."

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