When 'Cops' made it's TV debut, the Kardashians were nothing more than a lawyer's daughters and Snooki was living under a bridge asking three riddles to those who dared to cross. Reality TV was a fairly new concept, and the show the pioneered it may be coming to an end. 

After 850 episodes, the Wall Street Journal is reporting the show may come to an end after this year. While the Fox Network normally orders 45 episodes a season, they only ordered 14 for this season. The reason is that 'Cops' is normally bumped in favor of college sports.

The show allowed a camera crew to follow around a police officer during their shift, and they recorded the incidents they encountered. I remember many Saturday nights as a kid watching shaky camera work and heavy breathing during foot chases. Or guessing what a person might be arrested for. The show gave this middle class kid a view in to a world I never want to encounter.

While it may be curtains for new episodes of 'Cops', the show currently pulls in $400 million per year from the showing of reruns. Meanwhile that theme song will never get out of your head, just get used to it.

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