One of my favorite places to spend a nice afternoon is walking around Mesker Park Zoo, it's truly a gem in our city.  Mesker Park Zoo is constantly growing and adding new things, and it's really fun to see.  It doesn't even seem like the same zoo from my childhood, it's grown SO much!

Making Memories

Since having a baby, my husband and I have obviously been wanting to do more family-friendly activities on nice days to include our son.  For Christmas, we were gifted a family membership to the zoo and we've used the heck out of it already.  Even though Riley is only 5 months old, I really like that he's going to grow up going to the zoo, and learning about animals.


Back in November when Riley was about 6 weeks old (pictured above) we had a really nice weekend, so my husband and I loaded up the car and headed to the zoo (we had to load a stroller, diaper bag, and all the essentials you need for taking a newborn out of the house) and we spent the day walking the zoo. It was so much fun.  But when we got to the Kley Building we were bummed to see the Creatures of the Night exhibit was closed.

My husband and I both grew up in Evansville and it was funny we both had the same reaction when we saw it was closed, we both were super bummed because we both remembered that being our favorite exhibit as kids.

Mesker Park Zoo Facebook
Mesker Park Zoo Facebook

Creatures of the Night Exhibit is Back Open!

Well, now we no longer have to be bummed because the Creatures of the Night exhibit is back! I cannot wait to put our zoo membership to use again and check it out! I'm as excited about this exhibit as I was when the penguins came to the zoo!


Here's what Mesker Park Zoo says about the newly remodeled exhibit:

The wait is over! Creatures of the Night in the Kley Building is new and improved. Let your eyes adjust, see some new faces, and say hi to old friends. The maintenance, horticultural, and management teams did an amazing job with this remodel. New rock work by Cemrock was installed for more naturalistic habitats, foliage provides a more authentic atmosphere, and murals done by local artist Leslie Nelson helps create immersive and happy environments.

I'm excited that my son is going to get to grow up making memories at the same zoo I did, and even better I'll get to share one of my favorite exhibits with him!

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