February is Black History Month and the Evansville Vanderburgh Public Library (EVPL) has prepared some special programs to give members the opportunity to learn more about the history of black Americans and the important role they have played in the history of our country. Scott Kinney, the EVPL's CEO/Director says,

Black History Month is an opportunity to explore the sacrifices, achievements, and heritage of Black Americans. We hope our programming, displays, and activities will become opportunities to spark a discussion and learn more about the central role of Black Americans in our history.
EVPL BHM Art Contest

Black History Month Art Contest

Something new the EVPL is doing this year is an art contest that encourages students to express what Black History Month means to them through a piece of art. Those interested in participating need to fill out a registration form and then submit their artwork by 6pm on Friday, February 3rd at EVPL East. All submissions will be on display throughout the month at EVPL East. Linda Baker is the Experience Manager at the EVPL East location, she says,

I know of no better way to celebrate Black History Month than engaging our youth and the community with art and music. We wanted to go beyond a passive experience and truly involve our community in a true celebration of Black History.
EVPL BHM Reading Challenge

Black History Month Reading Challenge

The Black History Month Reading Challenge encourages readers to read materials from
prominent Black authors. When readers fulfill three of the reading challenge prompts, they will be entered for a chance to win a prize.

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Here is more information about additional Black History Month programming provided by the EVPL.

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